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Zion Theatre Company is a new organization based in Utah whose commitment is to produce plays of a high moral caliber that resonate with humankind's better nature.  We focus on theatrical work that makes human beings better socially, intellectually, and spiritually. We craft our plays with an artist's care for the aesthetics as well as the philosopher's care for morality.   Our purpose is not to take away from any of the good that people already have, but rather to add meaning to the light they already have in their lives.

Videos available for download
Two videos of previous productions are now available for download via Vimeo.  You can purchase Farewell to Eden or Prometheus Unbound or both.  Please visit out Vimeo page HERE, where you can view trailers and rent or download the videos.

Jimmy Stewart Goes to Hollywood at the Covey Center for the Arts

Never in a thousand years would have small town Jimmy Stewart considered being an actor (he was going to be an architect!), but that all changed when he met the lovely actress Margaret Sullavan. As the subject of one of the great, unfulfilled love stories in Hollywood history, Margaret not only believed in Jimmy’s talent, but also in the goodness of his soul. It was her faith in him which Jimmy would need as he faced an uphill battle against naysayers, manipulators, and a corrupt studio system that felt like it had little room for a starry eyed, stuttering yokel from Pennsylvania. 

Written by Kennedy Center award winning playwright Mahonri Stewart. Directed by award winning J. Scott Bronson. The play performs on March 28 at 7:30 pm and March 29th at 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm. Tickets are $16/$14. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Covey Center for the Arts at (801) 852-7007. Tickets are also available on the Covey Center for the Arts website

Jimmy Stewart Goes to Washington poster

Two plays by Mahonri Stewart now in book form
Fading Flower
Two plays by Mahonri Stewart, Fading Flower and Swallow the Sun, have been published and you can now purchase them from our online store.



Videos of two past shows, Farewell to Eden and Prometheus Unbound , will be available soon for download via Vimeo.  

Trailers can be found here:
Farewell to Eden
Prometheus Unbound


  • "The Opposing Wheel is something we don't get on stage very often: high fantasy ... Stewart's script is complex and full of detail ... [if you] enjoy fantasy stories like the narnia books, then the show should be irresistable."
    Russel Warne, Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

  • "There's genuine wit and bite in the dialogue, and the characters are sharply drawn."
    Eric Samuelsen, Irreantum Magazine

  • "Farewell to Eden is brilliant. It's complicated, not very predictable and has a lot of depth and characterization."
    Sharon Haddock, Deseret News

  • "Farewell to Eden is intelligent and extremely well-written. The set was good and the costumes were stunning. The plot line is far from predictable."
    Nan Parkinson McCulloch, Association for Mormon Letters